Which PR bird are you?

Alice Fawke

We have been helping companies and individuals to raise their profiles for nearly 30 years and in that time we’ve seen many different reactions to engaging in PR. For us, part of the challenge is finding the best way for each client to communicate in a manner that suits them. We enjoy the unique personalities of each person we work with and our work lives would certainly be less fun if everyone was the same. For amusement, however, and in the spirit of S&R, with the help of my colleagues I’ve researched and compiled The S&R Miscellany of PR Birds…

Which one are you?

The Peacock – You love to strut your stuff. You’re out-going and competitive when it comes to profile raising opportunities

The Bird of Paradise – You believe in yourself but it takes an exceptional occasion for you to flaunt your expertise

The Pigeon – You’ll go for anything. It’s all about quantity, but you’re a survivor

The Owl – Only to be seen at night-time picking off specific, carefully targeted prey

The Chicken – You’re in the mix and you pick at opportunities but you don’t have a very deep and meaningful relationship with PR

The Parrot – Curious and reticent at first but once you get the hang of it, there’s no shutting you up

The Ostrich – You make every excuse in the book to avoid PR. Either you hate it or it terrifies you

The Robin – The seasonal PR bird. You’re present sporadically throughout the year, but your time to shine is Christmas where you like to see and be seen at every event

And of course…

The Seagull – Seen all over the place, particularly lurking near an opportunity. You’re a confident, chatty, intelligent bird with a keen ability to get what you want, and if you don’t, well… they do say it’s good luck!