Night at Stratton & Reekie…what happened After Hours,,,

Amanda Reekie

Joanne Newman 'Stilleven met Clip Op Oorbel' (detail) 2014

Just before Christmas, Stratton & Reekie’s office in Soho was the venue for a temporary exhibition called ‘After Hours,,,

According to the artists the exhibition and event ‘combined the joyfulness, passionate antics and morning-after shame of the office Christmas party and came together for no conceptual reason in particular in order to sit awkwardly beside one another for an evening.’

The evening was produced by Triangular Brush art jazz band. Running for one night only, visitors were invited to wait in the pub opposite before being taken to the office in discreet parties to see the show.

After Hours,,,was imaginative and enjoyable, and re-introduced us to our office in a new and humorous way. Visitors understood our workspace through the vision of Triangular Brush as well as though the personality of Stratton & Reekie.

We were delighted to provide a venue as an alternative to a white cube gallery-style space, and an environment to test out new work for these artists. We hope this can be a model for the future.

After Hours,,, was one of a series of exhibitions by Triangular Brush. If you feel like donating your studio or office for a Saturday evening exhibition, do get in touch with Annelie Fawke, Joanne Newman and Jojo Hynes at

Image: Joanne Newman, ‘Stilleven met Clip Op Oorbel’ – still life with clip on earring 2014 (detail)