60 Seconds with AJ Specification Editor, Owen Pritchard

Alice Fawke

Why did you choose architecture journalism over straight architecture?

I graduated in 2008 and jobs were thin on the ground, so while working part time as a post part 2 architectural assistant, I started to write and found I really enjoyed it. When the opportunity to join a magazine presented itself, I jumped at the chance.

Who would you most like to interview?

They say never meet your hero, but I would never turn down an opportunity to interview Didier Drogba if I had the chance. (not very architectural, sorry)

What is the most exciting invitation you have ever received and why?

My brother’s wedding. An invitation that was always going to lead to a good day.

What’s the least exciting thing you’ve ever had to write about?

A materials index that wasn’t very exciting but was, thankfully, very interesting.

What’s on your architecture radar at the moment?

Housing. Good housing. We need more of it. Everywhere.

What is the most interesting material or use of material you have seen in AJ Specification to date?

I am fascinated by OLED technology, when the price comes down I think it will change the way architects think about and use artificial light.

Complete the sentence, “Architecture is [..…..]”

…too big to sum up in a sentence.

What do you use Twitter for?

I use it like a newswire and, also, to confirm everything I think about Piers Morgan is true.

As a Welshman, do you have a favourite Welsh castle?

Usk castle, above the town I grew up in. It’s smaller than most and, at the moment, it is in that Premier Inn advert with Lenny Henry.

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