Which PR bird are you?

Alice Fawke

We have been helping companies and individuals to raise their profiles for nearly 30 years and in that time we’ve seen many different reactions to engaging in PR. For us, part of the challenge is finding the best way for each client to communicate in a manner that suits them. We enjoy the unique personalities of each person we work with and our work lives would certainly be less fun if everyone was the same. For amusement, however, and in the spirit of S&R, with the help of my colleagues I’ve researched and compiled The S&R Miscellany of PR Birds…

Which one are you?

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Made in China


This tea cup was hand painted by an artist from Chinese ceramics producer Asianera. Grace Liu founded Asianera in 1995 as a small studio workshop to revive the craft of hand-decorated porcelain and prove that distinctive, fine porcelain can still be produced in China. Now Asianera’s fine bone China can be found in shops in China, the United States and Australia.

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What defines a home?

Antonia Dixon

In 2010 I lived in a small village on the coast of Mozambique called Vilanculos. The village had been torn apart by a cyclone in 2007 and what little the locals had to call a home had been flattened. It was deeply saddening to see this vulnerability and lack of shelter, but equally heart-warming to witness the support and high-spirited buzz among the community.

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