What makes a successful conference?

Amanda Reekie

What might be the outcome of 3,000+ architects from dozens of different countries meeting for three whole days in Durban? What problems might be solved? What resolutions made? What new international alliances formed?

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60 Seconds with Alan Berman

Alice Fawke

Why did you want to be an architect?

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The Biennale Experience

Davide Spina

The Venice Biennale – or just ‘Biennale’ – is the most awaited event in the strange world of architecture. As with most things in this industry, flexibility lies at its core. Biennales don’t take place at regular intervals, sometimes it’s every two years, sometimes three, depending on the curator and the financial health of the foundation. Its Presidenti come and go according to the political climate – the current one, Mr Baratta, returned after a 7 year long hiatus. Lastly, the only permanent feature of the event, its starting date, changed too and against the tradition this year’s edition kicked off in June instead of September.

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